Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit 2017 IRELAND



Valentine's Smile from the Heart week with Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit - IRELAND 2017

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, 1997 Chi Kung Master of the Year, will return to Ireland in 2017.

The programme of events and dates, times and fees are listed below. It will be our pleasure to welcome the Grandmaster and students worldwide to one of the most scenic areas of Ireland- Killarney, Co Kerry. The venue being the beautiful and homely Brehon Hotel, Muckross road, Killarney.

Grandmaster Wong will teach

Generating Energy Flow- Chi Kung for Beginners who may never have taken courses with Grandmaster Wong or a Shaolin Wahnam Instructor before. This is the course for complete beginners to our school.

Bone Marrow Cleansing (also a Chi Kung course is open to those who have taken Generating Energy Flow or have trained with a Shaolin Wahnam Instructor)- a legacy from Bodhidharma in the Shaolin Temple.

One Finger Shooting Zen -A high level Internal Force course open to those who have been practicing Chi Kung, Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan or Shaolin Kungfu for at least one year.

Tai Chi Chuan Pushing hands- This is open to new students, although prior experience in either Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan or other schools of Tai Chi Chuan is preferable.

Multiple discount:

If you book more than two courses, a further 10% discount applies. E.g Bone Marrow Cleansing Part 1 +Bone Marrow Cleansing Part 2 + One Finger Shooting Zen- Total: €1200.00 -€120.00 (10%) =€1080.00. 10% applies to any 3 courses booked.

Complimentary lunch is included for each participant, which will be served in the Brehon hotel.

Day 1

Course: Generating Energy Flow for Beginners

Date: 25th February 2017

Time: 9am to 12 midday

Fees: €300.00 before February 15th 2017. €400.00 thereafter.

Course: Bone Marrow Cleansing Part 1

Date: 25th February 2017

Time: 2pm -5pm

Fees: €300.00 before February 15th 2017. €400.00 thereafter.

Day 2

Course: Bone Marrow Cleansing Part 2

Date: 26th February 2017

Time: 9am -12 midday

Fee: €300.00 before February 15th 2017. €400.00 thereafter.

Course: One Finger Shooting Zen

Date: 26th February 2017

Time: 2pm -5pm

Fee: €600.00 before February 15th 2017. €700.00 thereafter

Day 3+4+5

Course: Tai Chi Chuan Pushing Hands

Date: 27th, 28th February and 1st March

Time: 9am -5pm each day

Course Fee: €800.00 before February 15th 2017. €900.00 thereafter.


Grandmaster Wong will teach both the techniques and the tactics of Pushing Hands. There are four main techniques, namely frontal,left, right and behind push. There are also four main tactics, which are continuous attack, confusing attack, immediate response and interception. the course will certainly be a lot of fun. Participants will also transfer the philosophy and skills learnt at the course to everyday life.

To book any course:

1) Email your request for acceptance including the following please: Your name, Address, Contact details, DOB, Occupation and mention briefly the courses you have taken before if any, also agreement to abide by The Ten Shaolin Laws. Mention the course(s) you wish to be accepted on. Mention also if you wish for Sifu Joan to book accommodation in The Brehon hotel for you as corporate rates apply.  Any cancellation to that booking will have to be made by you personally. Sifu Joan will hold your room for you until you arrive at the hotel.

2) Once you are accepted on your requested course(s), please transfer the required fee to the bank account details below or paypal invoice ( You will be sent a paypal invoice once acceptance as been approved, if this is your preferred method of payment).

Bank transfer details
Account Number: 71850227
Name of Bank:  Permanent TSB
Address of Bank: 12 Lower Castle Street, Tralee, Co Kerry, Ireland

Bank sort code: 990711
IBAN - IE85 IPBS99071171850227 (no space between letters and numbers and letters in Caps)

Address of a/c  Mulllin, Cordal, Castleisland, County Kerry, Ireland

3) The nearest airport is Kerry airport with flights to/from Stanstead, Luton and Frankfurt Hahn. Kerry airport is 20 minutes drive from the venue. Cork airport is just under 2 hours drive and Shannon is the same. Car hire is available at all airports. Those who fly into Dublin can catch the train from Hueston train station and the travel time is 4 hours.

4) Besides The Brehon hotel, there are many bed and breakfasts on Muckross Road, Killarney- almost a mile long of accommodation. But please book early as Killarney is a popular tourist town.

If you have any further queries, Sifu Joan is happy to answer them for you.

We look forward to welcoming you to Ireland in February 2017.