Harvest Festival 2015


A Zen Master is always Healthy and Happy

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit


It gives me the greatest pleasure to announce that Sifu (Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit) is kindly including Ireland on his 2015 itinerary.
Although the courses are not over Valentine’s this year, it is in August during Harvest time. This was a time of great celebration and bounty in Ireland in days long ago.
So too, will this August be a great time of bounty, celebration and joy, with wonderful courses taught by the world’s most renowned Grandmaster, family members coming together from all over the globe and an idyllic venue to celebrate the occasion by Killarney’s lakes and mountains.

The courses will run from August 22nd to August 26th 2015 as follows:


Shaolin Chi Kung
Saturday 22nd August - Five-Animal Play - Part 1: 9pm-12, Part 2: 2pm-5pm (Suitable for Beginners)
Sunday 23rd August - Sinew Metamorphosis (Complete Set) - Part 1: 9pm-12pm; Part 2: 2pm-5pm. (Intermediate and Advanced)

The Scholar Project Part 4 (you may still apply even if you have not attended 1-3)  Confusing Strategies

36 Stratagies- Sat and Sun 7pm -10pm

If you have missed the previous courses, then this link will help to update you.


Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan - Sifu has included Wudang Sword in this course, you may see the picture series of all three weapons on Sifu's website www.shaolin.org
Taiji Sabre - Mon, Tue, Wed – 9am-12pm
Taiji Staff - Mon, Tue, Wed – 2pm-5pm

Wudang Sword is now included in these 3 days as well as Fundamentals of Tai Chi Chuan e.g Grasping Sparrow's Tail
This will be the first time in Shaolin Wahnam history that Sifu transmits the Taiji Sabre and the Taiji Staff. What a simply wonderful opportunity at a regional course, we are indeed very honoured to host it and we can thank Peter Clayton for mentioning it to Sifu last year!

The Five Animal Play will be a whole day course and I thoroughly enjoyed it in Barcelona in May 2014. This is suitable for complete beginners to the school. If you wish to read up more about it, there is a wonderful thread on our Virtual Kwoon where students asked questions of Sifu and the answers he has given on his old set. Five Animal Play dates back to the 2nd century!

Hua Tou was known as the 'saint' of Chinese medicine. This set of Chi Kung exercise with chi flow will help you overcome pain and illness as well as deal with stress.


Sinew Metamorphosis is the complete set of 12 and our last experience of that special course a few years ago was awesome. Many special breakthroughs and experiences happened on that course. It is one of the legacies of Bodhidharma and very special to our school. You must have taken courses with us before either with Sifu Wong or any of the Shaolin Wahnam instructors to be accepted on this course. Those who take the Five Animal Play this year may also be accepted. Again there is a Q&A on this set on our Virtual Kwoon.


The fees are as follows:
Five Animal Play- Part 1 - €300.00    Part 2-  €300.00
Sinew Metamorphosis complete set:   €600.00
36 Strategies (6 strategies)  €500.00
Taiji Sabre and Taiji Staff     €600.00

A non -refundable  deposit of €100.00 will hold your place on any course(s) and remainder can be paid on registration on the day of course.


Discounts are available for multiple courses but please email me at sifujoan@gmail.com 

I look forward to seeing you all in Ireland for our Smile from the Heart Harvest Celebrations!

Here is a link to the Taiji Sabre to get you started:



Scholar Project- The Thirty Six Strategies: Strategies Part 4 .

All great strategists in warfare, government, business, industries, professions, home and all other aspects of life from ancient times right up to our modern world have used The Thirty Six strategies.

We are including the 4th part -Strategies 19-24 in this years Harvest Festival.  Those who are new to the strategies may also take this very special course taught by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit.

Please open the link if you wish to read more. Those who have taken this course over the past 3 years have found it very beneficial in understanding and implementing the strategies in identifying and solving problems in business and daily life.




An example of combinations discounts:

Shaolin Wahnam Ireland are happy to offer the following combination discounts:

Any 3 courses please deduct €100.00 from total e.g Five Animal Play €600.00 + Sinew Metamorphosis €600.00 + 36 Strategies €500.00 = €1700.00 - €100.00 = €1600.00       Total payment €1600.00

Any 4 courses please deduct €175.00 from total

 Please feel free to email me.


Course Fees include the course with Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit and lunch on day of course. It does not include accommodation. Please book early to avail of discounts and combination discounts and to ensure a place on course.


Payment can be made using bank transfer or paypal for deposit or full payment. Please email Sifu Joan sifujoan@gmail.com for further details on paypal invoice.


Bank Transfer details are as follows:

Name of Account: Shaolin Waham Ireland ( Ms Joan Browne (s) )

Account Number: 71850227

Name of Bank: Permanent TSB

Bank address: 12 Lower Castle street, Tralee, Co Kerry


Bank Sort Code: 990711

IBAN: IE85 IPBS 99071171850227 (put all letters and numbers together when uploading them yourself)


The courses will be held in The Brehon Hotel, Killarney town, Co Kerry



Please let me know if you wish me to book your accommodation for you in the hotel or in nearby bed and breakfasts. It is a pleasure to help make your trip a happy one! Email me sifujoan@gmail.com for discounts for The Brehon and Gleneagle hotel. As August is peak season, please book your accommodation early.


Here is a link to bed and breakfasts near to the venue if you wish to book online, which can often work out less expensive due to special offers. http://www.bedandbreakfasts.ie/propertysearch.asp?townCity=Killarney   if the link doesn't work just type in B&B Muckross road Killarney or email me sifujoan@gmail.com for any further assistance.

The Brehon and Gleneagle hotels are on Muckross road, Killarney so anywhere on that road is within 10 minutes of the venue.


I look forward to meeting you and know that you will have a most memorable stay with some of the most memorable courses from our school.


Smile from the Heart,